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I have been a practicing Ophthalmologist for nearly 40 years. Several years ago I developed numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. I was diagnosed with autoimmune neuropathy which disrupts long sensory nerves. Although I had performed many hundreds of surgeries I felt it was unethical to continue doing intricate eye surgery. I also developed Sjogrens Syndrome, a condition associated with other autoimmune diseases which cause dry eye from decreased production of tears and dry mouth with diminished saliva production. I decided to take some time off and do "mini-fellowships" at the most respected centers treating dry eye. Unbeknownst to me, dry eye was becoming recognized as a common and serious eye disease that been overlooked until recently.

Otherwise healthy and with a personal experience of dry eye, I decided to open a dry center with all the latest technologies being used at other centers of excellence in treating dry eye and related conditions. I also wanted to create a website that would be useful to patients with no medical knowledge but also including information of value to non-Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmologists with limited knowledge of the new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.
I looked at various websites of Ophthalmologists presenting themselves as "dry eye" specialists. when I checked many of these clinicians were relying on outdated and unreliable testing and treating modalities.

I spent a great deal of time in creating this website and am constantly updating it. I wanted to cover all the bases and have sections that required no prior medical knowledge as well as sections dealing with the latest and more complex diagnostic and treatment modalities. I also wanted to mention controversies in treating dry eye so patients would understand that each patient needs to be treated differently even if they appear to have very similar symptoms and objective findings.
This website is a work in progress and will remain so as long as new diagnostic and treatment are forthcoming.

Arthur Charap Ph.D., M.D; Prof. UC Irvine [ret]
Inland Empire Center for Dry Eye, Ocular Surface Disorders and Related Lid Disease

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