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Inland Empire Dry Eye Center Overview



Once an appointment is made at our Center. We will send or Email a Questionnaire to you. The Questionaire is designed to obtain your general medical history and current health status. There will be specific questions regarding your Symptoms and complaints including prior treatments and the benefit or lack of benefit you obtained from these treatments. Critically important is the timing and history of your vision related problems. When they started, what makes them worse, and what improves them. In females, did your symptoms begin with menopause. Also are your problems related to driving, prolonged use of computer screens or other digital devices. Obtaining an accurate picture of your vision/tear dysfunction is as valuable to helping you as the screening tests we will perform. Based on our screening tests and your history we will examine your blink rate and if indicated take specialized pictures[a virtual MRI] of your lid glands. We will look for staining of your Cornea using a simple dye which i taken up by sick cornea corneal cells and fluoresces under blue light.

A list of  specific tests and what we look for can be found by opening the file below


In the past 5 years a variety of medications, in office treatments, and dietary supplements have been developed and approved by the FDA as safe and effective. The choice of which treatment to use is based on the condition of your tear film, lid glands and ocular surface. Frankly there is no cook book formula for choosing the best regimen so treatment plans are individualized and admiitedly there is definitely some degree of trial and error. Artificial tear substitutes are a frequently used remedy. They vary in thickness[viscosity] and other factors. As they are an OTC [over the counter product and do not require a prescription] we try to keep track of prices .and availablity at places like Costco and Walmart. We will also give you names of online Dry Eye products .companies where you may get a better deal. We prefer you to use non preserved tears when possible but understand they are pricey and not always necessary.


Dr. Arthur Charap Ph.D MD is a Board Certfied Ophthalmologist with 38 years experience. He is a retied full Professor of Ophthalmology at UC Irvine Medical School. He served as Director of Research at Allergan Pharmaceuticals for 6 years researching and developing a variety of Ophthalmic medications and surgical devices. He has taught Ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery in over 17 countries in Eastern Europe, Africa,Micronesia, Southeast Asia , and in the Andes mountains of Peru. Although he has done several thousand major ocular surgeries, he is currently focused on Ocular surface disease. Many patient are referred to our facility from their General eye care professional and if you need or want Lasik or Cataract surgery , once your ocular surface problems are under control , you will be referred back to your primary eye care professional for your surgical needs.


You can make a tentative important online using this site. Once you have selected an appointment time we will contact you to confirm your appointment and send or email you questionnaires we hope you will take the time to complete before your visit. We are contemplating having office hours several Saturdays a month. If a Saturday appointment would appeal to you please inform the appointment scheduler when you call. 

Billing policy

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We are Approximately one mile west of the Magnolia Ave exit on the 15 freeway, the first exit after you exitethe 91 free way if you are heading East. here is a simple map. If you are headed est on Magnolia , we are on the left side. The office is past Fulllerton Street.


Inland Empire Dry Eye Center
854 Magnolia Ave , Suite 202
Corona, CA 92879
Phone: 800-240-3135
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